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Episode 6

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In this episode of Pharmacy View, Scott Carpenter and Anthony Sapountzis welcome Richard Manthey, Head of Data and Information Solutions at Pharmacy Platform. They discuss the topic of hospitals and medical facilities being hacked and having their medical data stolen and how that relates to the security of Pharmacies and their data.

We address these pressing questions:
Am I at a lower risk of being hacked than a known brand, business or entity with medical records?

Should Pharmacies be concerned about suppliers extracting their data?

What should Pharmacies be doing to protect their system and data access points?

…and many more!

“The security of your password is going to be the weakest link across everything.”

The trio discuss the importance of safely managing passwords and access from third-party platforms, as well as the difference in risk between a few various scenarios, such as email and methods of hacking. Tune in to learn what to do when you think your cyber security has been compromised and how to make sure your security measures are effective.

“Keep an eye on all of your systems, on your staff, and on your processes and protocols and just make sure things are up to date.”

Episode Timeline
00:00 Intro
00:24 Introducing today’s guest and co-host: Richard Manthey & Anthony Sapountzis
02:14 The relation between Pharmacy and the recent hacking of medical facilities’ data
04:20 Risk factors Pharmacies should be looking at, including poor quality passwords
06:03 Safely managing passwords for your accounts
06:54 Solutions for Pharmacies in cleaning up data access points
09:51 The difference in risk between physically intruding the Pharmacy or hacking from afar
11:27 Difference in security in a Gmail vs. a system provider email – Security and lack thereof in emails
14:55 Third-party platform accesses: Shopfront Solutions
17:01 Maintaining security when suppliers extract data
18:43 Is it okay if a supplier or third-party has been given approval to access data through the POS dispensary platform?
20:48 Takeaways: What Pharmacies should investigate to make sure their security measures are effective
21:43 Where to go to seek help and what to do if you think you’ve been attacked or hacked

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Episode 6