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Episode 14

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On this episode of the Pharmacy View podcast, Scott talks with Rachael Runner, national business development manager at Demodeks Meditech.  Rachael is a healthcare industry veteran with over 22 years of experience, currently specializing in pharmacy dispensary and robots.

Rachael shares key insights from her years in the industry focusing on the importance of customer service and the pharmacist patient relationship.  She discusses how technology can be embraced without losing the personal interactions that drive a successful pharmacy. By capitalizing on the resources and wisdom of those she has interacted with through her career, Rachael provides encouragement key tips for those looking to make improvements in their workplace and find success in their personal careers. By keeping your focus on patient health, you will be able to make advancements that benefit everyone.

Rachael also dives into some common myths. “Automation is not too expensive, and robots do not replace human beings.” She points out the pharmacist and patient relationship is here to stay. Pharmacies can embrace automation to take care of inefficiencies and free up pharmacists to spend their time focused on more complex problems and better patient interactions. Her team at Meditech helps create an efficient dispensary workflow and streamline dispensary operations. By listening carefully to each business she discusses how they are able to identify pain points and design specific solutions to improve workflow. Rachael and Scott wrap up by taking a look into the future and what she expects to change and advance in the years ahead.

Topics Covered:

  • Background about Rachael’s career and what she’s most passionate about.
  • Rachael shares insights into what has helped her find longevity in the industry.
  • Listening to patients and keeping that relationship at the forefront is what drives advancement.
  • It’s critical to get clarity about what problems specifically need to be fixed, and then use technology as a tool to make improvements and eliminate inefficiencies.
  • Don’t get set in your ways – if you can make things better, keep trying new things.

Key Quotes:

  • “Automation is not too expensive and robots certainly do not replace human beings. That human contact that human interaction with a Pharmacist and patient is so crucial.” (6:00)
  • “Once you watch and observe and have an understanding of the very heart of the person you’re speaking to, they’ll provide you with their hand. They’ll reach out and you can take them that little bit further. (13:45)
  • “As a pharmacist, let us give you those tools, as a decision maker, let us give you those resources so that you can then help your patient, your customer, and it frees your time up.” (15:22)
  • “Don’t be set in your ways. If there’s an opportunity to do something better and you’re in contact or connection with someone that’s gone before you and forge those pathways, it’s always good to just have a stop and listen and just watch and observe how they’ve done it and ask those questions.” (18:45)
  • “If I was the patient on the other end, how would I want to be treated? So just having that principle of extending where you need to extend your arm, to just having a conversation because everybody at this point in time, we might be covered with masks, but we’re still human and we’re still people, and I think that engagement and human kindness goes a long way.” (23:04)

Social Media Clips:

  • The future of pharmacy is improving workflow (5:00-5:28)
  • Debunking common industry myths (5:51-6:10)
  • How to improve workflow efficiency and customer service (13:14-13:48)
  • How has the year 2020 impacted how you do business (15:54-16:28)

Links for Rachael Runner:

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GuildLink – Powering the better use of medicines
Meditech – Demodeks | The Leaders In Pharmacy Automation Systems

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Episode 14