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Episode 19

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On this episode of the Pharmacy View podcast, our guest is Pharmacist Pasquale de Maria who has made the professional transition from Full Time Pharmacist & Pharmacy Owner to Bookkeeping Business owner. During the episode, Pasquale discusses some of his positions on digital bookkeeping, and offers insights into why it can save Pharmacies time and money.

Jumping right in, Pasquale describes some of the digital accounting platforms that he’s found the most success with. He explains that many of these platforms certainly come with a learning curve (and even an initial investment), but the cost is quickly returned as processes are streamlined and fewer mistakes are made. The most compelling argument for moving bookkeeping and accounting jobs to automated platforms is the ease with which they can handle simple tasks. Everything from receipt scanning and storing to email replies are all simple enough to be automated today, which in turn reduces your operational costs.

Pasquale also thinks that there are simple investments, or “small efficiencies,” that can greatly improve the operations of pharmacies if they would just make that initial leap. He provides an example of adding an additional monitor or newer, faster computer to the point of sale system in your Pharmacy could save so much in the long run. Of course, it’s hard to initially see how valuable a small purchase like that could be, but Pasquale recommends Pharmacists to trust the process of investing in the efficiency of their business. So ultimately, many of these things boil down to change management functions. But once people see and believe in the change that can help their businesses, it’s often hard to shake them out of that zone. It’s getting them there that’s tricky.

Topics Covered:

  • Accounting platforming options.
  • Utilizing automations for simple bookkeeping tasks.
  • Customer data capture and recordkeeping.
  • Telehealth impacted incidental office visits.
  • The benefits of physically walking into a pharmacy.
  • The geographic reach of Pasquale’s company.
  • Change management in boosting economic efficiency.
  • It’s about having the mindset of improving processes.

Key Quotes (Time Stamps):

  • “Pharmacies need to have bookkeepers they trust, with a good reputation.” (7:15)
  • “I don’t believe you should be paying accounting rates for bookkeeping that can be done for much cheaper.” (8:20)
  • “Having a pharmacist do the books means you actually know what makes sense and what doesn’t.” (15:45)
  • “You don’t really appreciate what a small efficiency can do until you do it. A second monitor might be $400, but I just think it’s a must.” (17:20)
  • “We work to live rather than work to live.” (24:00)

 Social Media Clips:

  • Challenges that technology has brought to designing pharmacies now. (10:00 – 12:00)
  • Automated accounting solutions. (9:00 – 10:00)
  • Ethical data capture at pharmacies. (13:00 – 15:30)
  • The value of change management. (19:30 – 21:45)

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Episode 19