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Episode 27

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On this episode of the Pharmacy View podcast, Scott talks with Simon Carroll, Director of Health Information Australia, as well as co-founder Ehealth Coach and of the charity Global Schools Partners.

After briefly discussing Simon’s background in owning pharmacies Scott and Simon go through a detailed walkthrough of what Health Information Australia does and how it works. QR codes are provided to pharmacies (usually embedded in the shelf stripping on the aisles, so they can be easily accessed while browsing) which consumers can scan with their phones to be taken directly to digital brochures that provide detailed information about the most common minor ailments (ie. the common cold, hay fever, etc.) This information can be contained via that pharmacy’s own brand website if they have one, allowing them to brand the content their own way, or the QR codes can link to the Health Information Australia website instead.

Scott and Simon also discuss how Health Information Australia is using the new QCPP 2020 program to provide new templates for policies/procedures and to provide support to pharmacies not just to pass QCCP standards but to thrive by applying those standards. They touch on the importance of keeping digital records of things and moving to more digitized versions of many procedures in this day and age. This idea is further expanded on later in the episode when Simon discusses his other business, E-Health Coach, that supports pharmacies/pharmacists with getting connected digitally to all the things that are available through the Australian digital health agency.

Finally, Simon explains the background of Global School Partners, a charity that focuses on providing pathways out of poverty for thousands of children in African and Asian countries by enabling them, through good education and health support, to lead quality lives. He also briefly touches on the background for his own consulting firm he started in 2010, what kinds of services he provides to pharmacies (like business solutions, marketing, HR help, etc.) in order to help them reach their full potential, and the overall benefits of having an outside source come in and get a new set of eyes on a business to help pinpoint problems and come up with solutions.

Topics Covered:

  • Simon’s background in owning pharmacies and how he came to open his consulting business and Health Information Australia.
  • An explanation of the QR codes that Health Information Australia uses; how they work, what type of information they provide to consumers, and how they benefit the pharmacies.
  • The “customer journey” that one can experience in a pharmacy using the Health Information Australia QR codes.
  • The QCCP support that Health Information of Australia provides pharmacies.
  • Simon’s other business, Ehealth Coach, and how it helps pharmacies get connected into the National Digital Health Strategy.

Key Quotes:

  • “It [the digital brochure] is branded for the pharmacy, so it looks like, to all intents and purposes, it is the pharmacy’s content.” (7:12)

  • “QCCP, for me, has been a frustrating program in a way because it’s seen as something you have to do to be able to tick a box to be able to access PPA funding and services funding and things like that, but in reality, to me QCCP is a huge business enabler, because if you’re doing those things appropriately with QCCP then you’re actually going to be running a more efficient and effective business.” (7:52)

  • “Hubspot enables us to have this source of truth of communication…email tracking, note tracking, etc. for each of the clients we deal with.” (18:27)
  • “I love the concept of pharmacy, it’s that mixture of professional, chemical healthcare advice with retail business, and for me that gets me excited.” (19:42)
  • Whether you’re a pharmacist with an existing business, or whether you invite someone from outside to come in, you don’t have to take everything as written, but again obviously, someone coming in from outside will see things that you’re not seeing because you’re there every day.” (21:24)

Social Media Clips:

  • How the QR codes work for customers in pharmacies (5:39-6:20, 6:38-7:20)
  • Using QCCP as a business enabler (7:52-8:31)
  • Ideal future for pharmacies having files digitized (10:09-10:39)
  • How Ehealth Coach helps pharmacies stay connected digitally (17:10-18:15)
  • Having external eyes on a business (21:19-21:58)

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