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Episode 37

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Listen in as in this episode of the Pharmacy View Podcast, host Scott Carpenter, EVBC and guest Brett Stephenson, Director of Business Consulting at Skyfii talk about the exciting world of data intelligence and data driven venue analytics.

Brett introduces Skyfii as a company providing a cloud-based software platform which helps physical venues measure, predict, and influence customer behaviour. He adds that Blix, Skyfii’s recent acquisition, is the next generation of traffic counting that provides businesses with deep insights so that their overall operations can be optimized. Brett talks about how over the years, customers using the service have been able to make a big difference in their revenue thanks to small changes they made using the data generated and analysed by the system.

Technology is fast paced and businesses across the spectrum, including the ones in the pharmaceutical industry, need to understand the pulse of the business on any given day—visitation, dwell time, sales data, customer expectation and experience, missed opportunities, conversion rates, to name a few. This is essential in ensuring that they make the necessary changes to drive up the revenue.

Blix, as Brett emphasises, helps with just that by primarily collecting four major data sets:

  1. Passing or Outside Traffic
  2. Inside Traffic
  3. Dwell Time
  4. Missed Opportunities

The system then allows the user to collate the data with POS data to generate different reports—ranging from conversion ratio to impact of transactions on revenue to missed opportunities; basically, it helps the user get a snapshot understanding of how many people came in, how long they were in the store for, how much money was made, and what were the missed opportunities. The system also generates reports of in-store performance allowing for labour optimization through maintaining staff rosters and handling performance issues. The benefits of using Blix don’t end there, as it stresses on the need to maintain privacy of the customers. It does so by counting the devices and not the people.

Topics Covered

  • Skyfii and Data Intelligence
  • Traffic Counting Technology
  • Using Blix to Optimize Operations
  • Privacy is Paramount
  • Using Blix in the Competitive Market

Key Quotes (Time Stamps)

  • “We measure through Skyfii–the Wembley Stadium, the Sydney Cricket Ground; we also do that for retailers like Chanel, David Jones, Volkswagen and Porsche. So, very varied and broad range of clients that we measure.” (2:19 – 2:32)
  • “It’s a space that is probably getting easier and easier. And I think now, and certainly in the not-too-distant future, it will become cheaper and easier to deploy and manage as well.” (4:55 – 5:05)
  • “Skyfii is the third largest provider of people counting solutions.” (7:26 – 7:29)
  • “The Blix System and the sensor that we have doesn’t collect any personal information at all. It’s just hardware information in the chip of smartphones.” (9:38 – 9:45)
  • “We are completely privacy compliant to a point that we don’t track an individual. It’s aggregate data over a period of time.” (11:27 – 11:33)
  • “If you’re in a busy shopping center, you’re in a very competitive market. There’s lots of other opportunities in the pharmacy and/or supermarket space within the same building a lot of the time.” (23:28 – 23:36)

Social Media Clips (Time Stamps)

  • Who is Brett and what he does. (1:13 – 1:30)
  • About Skyfii (1:38 – 2:08)
  • Skyfii’s Roster of Clients (2:17 – 3:06)
  • Use of Camera Technology in the Retail Sector and Issues of Privacy (3:25 – 4:11)
  • Benefits of Using Technology for Data (5:58 – 7:04)
  • Issues with Earlier Forms of Counting Technology in Pharmacy Retail Business (7:55 – 8:43)
  • How Blix Maintains Privacy (9:36 – 10:03)
  • How Blix Works (11:59 – 12:51)
  • Use of Collected Data (13:18 – 15 -59)
  • Setting The Dashboard to Meet the Specific Needs of a Particular Pharmacy (16:23 – 16:50)
  • Instore Performance (Missed Opportunities, Labor Optimization and Revenue) Reports (18:10 – 20:17)
  • Benefits of Collecting and Using Data (21:42 – 22:42)
  • Collated Information (24:23 – 25:25)

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Episode 37