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Episode 41

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In this episode of the Pharmacy View Podcast, host Scott Carpenter, EVBC is joined by Tracee Blythe, Advisor and Educator at Tracee Blythe Consulting. An experienced naturopath and a leader in the complementary medicine industry, Tracee, talks about her running a diverse business with a simple mission: to improve the health of everyone in the community.

Having worked in many different areas from health food to clinics to Pharmacies to a leading health supplement brand, it was only a year ago that Tracee started her own Consulting Services. Tracee talks about her experience of helping patients as a naturopath and how the skills honed over the years in understanding drug interactions and how best to talk to patients are now used by her to help Pharmacists help their Customers. Tracee has developed a program for Pharmacists so that they can access quality advice around complementary medicine and provide holistic services with the bigger goal being: better health for all community members.

Naturopaths, she underscores, have a niche in what they are really good at helping people with. She takes that same learning to what she offers as a consultant. Not denying that there has been increased pressure on Pharmacists to become everyone and everything during these unprecedented times and also acknowledging that there is a plethora of information available online, Tracee thinks that it is more important than ever to be able to cut the wheat from the chaff of available information. That is where having a Healthcare skill set and experience that caters to a niche need comes into play. As a consultant, her role is to help Pharmacists be able to give succinct information to the patient that not only entails the how, why and what quantity of the medication but also the ability to be able to explain that to the patient.

While the advent of technology has allowed for increased access to information, it has also meant adapting to new technological platforms, especially over the past 18 months to 2 years. The goal for Tracee when using these tech platforms has been rather straightforward: to have an impact and to be useful in bettering the community’s health.

Topics Covered

  • Technology and Information available for Natural Medicines
  • Helping Both Patients and Pharmacists as a Naturopath
  • Independent Perspective of a Health Care Professional
  • Better Health for All
  • Helping with a Niche Need
  • Increasing Pressure on the Pharmacists
  • Quality Health Care Service at all Times
  • Specified Role in an Era of Information

Key Quotes (Time Stamps)

  • “What the purpose and the vision of me setting up my own education and consulting business for Pharmacy is to offer an independent perspective. Whilst we are representing a supplement brand and educating, that is invaluable as a resource and has absolutely a place. But we know as health care providers, that we also want to learn about how we can help from an independent perspective.” (3:20 – 3:48)
  • “My goal is that more people in the community can access really good quality advice around complementary medicine that is holistic; that goes alongside the drug that the Pharmacist is confident on what they recommend; with that big end goal that we all get better health.” (4:06 – 4:21)
  • “To me, the value and credibility in the product or the service is actually in the integrity of it.” (5:01 – 5:05) – Scott Carpenter
  • “What I offer is quite narrow in that it’s helping a very specific niche need that I think is useful for lots of Pharmacists.” (6:05 – 6:14)
  • “It is the unique health care position in Australia where you can walk into any Pharmacy that is open and you will be guaranteed that there is a qualified Health Care Practitioner to help you for free. That does not exist anywhere else.” (10:10 – 10:27)
  • “But what I decided to offer for my customers and me to use was ‘Simplicity’. I wanted a simple platform that was simple to log in to; you could stay logged in; I wanted features like being able to put me on double speed… Another thing that I looked at that was important to me was access via mobile…” (20:59 – 21:25)
  • “One thing that I learnt about a long-long time ago is that it isn’t about me, and that’s our business to say that; it’s about my customer.” (22:08 – 22:16)

Social Media Clips (Time Stamps)

  • The Goal is to Provide Better Health (3:07 – 4:21)
  • Catering to a Niche Need (5:25 – 6:14)
  • Increased Pressure on the Pharmacists (6:58 – 9:09)
  • Getting the Right Information to the Patient (11:20 – 14:01)
  • Use of Tech Platforms (19:11- 22:40)
  • Evidence Backed Medication (24:52 – 26:28)

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Episode 41