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This episode of the Pharmacy View Podcast, host Scott Carpenter, EVBC is joined by Jess Ly and  Eric Moschietto-Fransa and they talk aboutPharmX, the most extensive network of community Pharmacies and suppliers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Jess was a full-time Community Pharmacist before she found joy in the digital health field. Still a Community Pharmacist, she is the Customer and Marketing lead at PharmX. Likewise, Eric has worked in Australia for the last 22 years with many organizations, suppliers and market leaders. He finds that technological improvements have made the Pharmaceutical industry exciting when it comes to work.

Delving more into PharmX, Eric talks about how it was created in 2005 in order to solve a particular problem that existed in the industry. Fragmented trade is a nature of Pharmacy industry in Australia, he adds, where there are 5000 Pharmacies with myriad POS solutions and there are also wholesalers and direct suppliers with their own solutions. The problem, he highlights, is the lack of a connectivity partner that can help all those parties connect with each other. PharmX was created on the premise of solving that problem.

Over the last 15 years, Eric and Jess continue, PharmX has grown considerably and has been helping with ‘ordering and invoicing’ connectivity between suppliers and pharmacies on a daily basis. Each Pharmacy that uses PharmX for invoicing and ordering can save 40 hours each month. The person who would have had to do the invoicing otherwise can, with the saved time, give more focus in the front of the store and cater to the needs of the patients more efficiently.

Unfortunately, even though 99% of the Pharmacies have PharmX, it continues to be underutilized. For that reason, PharmX has come up with ‘Do What You Do Best’ Campaign to raise awareness around how the usage can be maximized to drive greater efficiencies, including the use of the impressive portfolio of suppliers that it has.

They end the conversation by saying that exciting upgrades are due in PharmX and they look forward to increasing efficiency for all parties involved in the bid to providing better services.

 Topics Covered

  • Connecting Pharmacies and Suppliers
  • Need for Brand Visibility
  • Making Invoicing and Ordering Easy
  • Saving Time with Technology

Key Quotes (Time Stamps)

  • “Moving to PharmX was very exciting to me because I was moving right in to a technology space where we can make a difference for quite a number of parties.” (2:45 – 2:53) Eric
  • “From that point of view, from a brand, we have really high usage because PharmX is being used everyday by 99% Pharmacies, for sure, with their CSO wholesalers or others to start with.” (6:55 – 7:08) Eric
  • “The Pharmacists are really passionate about the health of their patients and the service that they deliver to the community. And we saw PharmX as an enabler to free the time of their staff to deliver on this.” (9:19 – 9:36) Eric
  • “We estimate it could save up to 40 hours per month per store by using PharmX. So, that’s a significant amount of time that a person can be out in front of the shop instead—greeting customers; you know, looking after patients.” (11:58 – 12:12) Jess
  • “I think it’s definitely being under-utilized. And a lot more time can be saved in the Pharmacy if they were to start transitioning over to PharmX for all their suppliers rather than just a small portion, which is what our data shows.” (16:49 – 17:04) Jess

Social Media Clips (Time Stamps)

  • Solving the Problem of Connectivity between Pharmacies and Suppliers (5:15 – 6:12)
  • High Usage but Low Brand Visibility (6:31 – 7:33)
  • ‘Do What You Do Best’ Campaign (8:13 – 9:39)
  • Saving Time with PharmX (11:05 – 12:20)
  • Maximizing Usage with PharmX (16:49 -18:11)
  • Offering Innovative Solutions (21:52 – 25:49)

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Episode 45