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Listen to this episode of the Pharmacy View Podcast, where host Scott Carpenter, EVBC talks with Noel Fosbery, Director, EasyDose Dispensing Solutions and Max Mito, Co-Founder / CEO at StrongRoom AI. While EasyDose is a program for pharmacies providing Opioid Replacement Pharmacotherapy Solutions, StrongRoom AI is an Artificial Intelligence-driven controlled drugs management platform aimed at reducing adverse drug events within the Pharmacy, Hospital and Aged Care Facility settings. And in this episode, they talk about the collaboration of the two.

Noel is a Pharmacist and Proprietor at Advantage Pharmacy (Falcon, High Wycombe and Morley) and in 2016, his service was recognised as WA & Australian Pharmacist of the Year! With his motto of ‘Do it right, do it once’, Noel, who is also a keen early adopter of technology, looks forward to merging his experience with the technology that Max and his team at StrongRoom AI bring. Having started a decade ago, EasyDose has come a long way, however along that journey Noel and his partners realised they had limited resources that in the long run, could affect customers and limit technological progression so after significant research have decided to now partner with StrongRoom AI.

The key to successfully accelerating the product roadmap and building a more robust system, Max says, is collaboration. While StrongRoom AI has expertise on the technological front, Max adds, Noel and his team come with years and years of actual experience in the field. Max believes that in the future their collaboration would help them all:

  • Keep building new and better products
  • Keep adding value for the customers

Noel also stresses the importance of collaboration and is excited by the possibilities because he believes StrongRoom AI’s team comes with a fresh outlook to innovation that many Pharmacists don’t even think as being possible and are also open to providing information and advice from those who work on the ground. He furthers that the future of the Pharmaceutical industry depends on software as evidenced over the last two years.

Both Noel and Max believe that, as they move ahead, there’s a need to manage customer expectations and also ensure that the product improves with each passing day as that is the only way to keep going in a world that is ever-evolving.

Topics Covered

  • Evolution of EasyDose
  • Identifying the Need for Collaboration
  • Benefits of Collaboration
  • Bringing Technology and Experience Together
  • Technology is Way of the Future

Key Quotes (Time Stamps)

  • “My motto has always been: ‘Do it right, Do it once’. And use technology a lot to do that.” (2:27 – 2:31) Noel Fosbery
  • “And essentially with this new collaboration, we think that we can, not only accelerate our product roadmap but build a more robust system.” (6:54 – 7:00) – Noel Fosbery
  • “In the future, we really want to get our expertise in technology with the industry experience that Noel, Phil and Steve have and keep building great products, keep bringing value to our customers ensuring that the future of Pharmacy is continuously efficient but also improves patient outcomes.” (8:36 – 8:55) – Max Mito
  • “The future in our space is of all software as we have seen over the past two years with e-scripts and My Health Record and My Script List and all of these things. The future is in integration, connectivity and customer communication, MedAdvisor and all these products that take a long time to introduce which means a lot of expense” (9:45 – 10:05) – Noel Fosbery
  • “You see various languages come and go and you see an evolution of programming languages. The industry is moving so fast that even within our own tech team, our initial tech stack from three years ago is now pretty much redundant.” (12:51 – 13:03) – Max Mito
  • “There’s still a need for both generations to really speak and collaborate on solutions because ultimately we can have the best tech in the world but if it’s not right for that particular problem, it’s useless.” (13:56 – 14:10) – Max Mito
  • “The simpler something is to use, the more complex the workings behind it.” (14:17 – 14:21) – Noel Fosbery

Social Media Clips (Time Stamps)

  • How EasyDose Came into Being (3:27 – 4:31)
  • Benefits of Collaboration (6:12 – 7:05)
  • Bringing Technology and Experience Together (7:57 – 8:55)
  • Managing Customer Expectations (10:24 – 11:21)
  • In Tune with Tech Evolution (12:48 – 14:10)

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Episode 49