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Episode 8

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In this episode of Pharmacy View, Scott Carpenter welcomes Aaron D’Souza, Pharmacist and Head of eSolutions at GuildLink. They detail how pharmacies should be approaching digital prescribing and the steps they can take to increase their digital strength, noting the benefits of Google My Business and creating an engaging website and app.

We address the following topics:

Electronic prescribing as the most imminent aspect of digital technology in the next quarter

Pharmacy digital transformations and integrations

Efficiency issues in dispensaries

The significance of customer journey mapping

…and many more!

“If you’re going to do something, do it well, do it right, and meet customer expectations. You don’t have to exceed them, but you definitely cannot disappoint them.”

Scott and Aaron offer valuable insight into the benefits and challenges of electronic prescribing applications and provide resources for you to deepen your literacy and education on these concepts. Tune in to learn Aaron’s framework for thinking about digital innovation and integration in pharmacy and what he’s looking forward to in the near future.

“If you have a strength in digital capabilities, well then, you’re perfectly aligned to the external environment which is that electronic prescribing is here and that’s an opportunity… but if digital capabilities is a weakness in your business, you’re not going to be able to take this on as an opportunity.”

Episode Timeline:

00:00 Intro

00:46 Introducing today’s guest: Aaron D’Souza

03:35 Insight into electronic prescribing applications – challenges, benefits,

07:52 Advice for pharmacies on implementing prescription apps

11:33 How to access resources about digital prescription

13:32 Pharmacy digital transformations and integrations

14:42 Steps for increasing digital strength in pharmacy

16:17 Impacts of Covid-19 + The GuildCare bookings platform

18:03 Integrations + Digital fatigue: The importance of engaging with customers efficiently

21:04 Efficiency problems in the dispensary + Login webpages

24:07 Many of the problems businesses face have already been solved elsewhere

25:34 The benefits of the pharmacy community + Customer journey mapping

28:46 The evolution of optics of the pharmacy

29:56 Amazon’s influence on pharmacy: Raised expectations of delivery

32:10 Reviewing helpful resources and advice mentioned + How to connect with Aaron

To learn more about the host and our guest:

Connect with Aaron on LinkedIn:

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Resources Mentioned:

GuildLink – Powering the better use of medicines

GuildCare: My Pharmacy Link App

Community Pharmacy 2025

Google My Business

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Episode 8