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Episode 9

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On this episode of the Pharmacy View podcast, our guests are Liz Bryant and Frank Triulcio from Crosier Scott Architects. During the episode, they discuss challenges that retail architects can face when outfitting pharmacy spaces incorporating technology platforms, current trends in the field, and technology looking forward.

Diving right in, they talk about some of the challenges that retail architects face while making the most of the limited real estate pharmacies typically work with. To combat this, architects and designers are considering how to bring some of the most cutting-edge technology to the pharmacy experience. They are even considering doing away with the typical wall-to-wall counter with “scripts in” and “scripts out” areas in favor of something more segmented, like pods that service customers in different parts of the pharmacy.

Most interestingly is the advent of robotics and 3D modelling in the world of pharmacy design. Liz and Frank think that programs that allow architects to render spaces in 3D are pushing them to think outside the box as far as the way pharmacies actually function. They are encouraging pharmacists and retailers to be bold when thinking about refitting their pharmacy space, because as technologies like the ATM teller pharmacy become more regulated and enter the market, it may become possible for pharmacy design to completely change in the near future. They believe this coupled with more user-friendly designs will solve a lot of the spatial issues that pharmacies currently face. They are most excited about the power of 3D-modeling to literally change the face of the storefront and the experience as a whole.

Topics Covered:

  • Scrutinizing problems during the construction phase.
  • Integration of robotics in the dispensary.
  • Dispense-Pods.
  • Maximizing retail area in the pharmacy with technology.
  • Moving away from having a big storage area.
  • Large Shopping Centre management now want technology in the shop fronts.
  • The move to the ATM-style dispensary machine.
  • 3D modelling technology and how it’s used in design.
  • Designing for the future.
  • The introduction of Crosier Scott Complete.

Key Quotes (Time Stamps):

  • “We do a lot of investigations with our clients.” (6:45)
  • “Pharmacies are often at the forefront of the use of technology.” (8:45)
  • “We are focusing less on the scripts in and more on the scripts out.” (10:35)
  • “We’re not looking at having one big, long service counter anymore.” (12:15)
  • “People are still using Webster packing areas, but I see change coming.” (17:00)

 Social Media Clips:

  • Challenges that technology has brought to designing pharmacies now. (10:00 – 12:00)
  • ATM-style pharmacy design. (20:10 – 22:00)
  • Design programs in use now. (22:45 – 24:55)
  • Considerations for the pharmacists or businesses wanting to refit. (26:30 – 27:10)

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Episode 9