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Episode 30

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On this episode of the Pharmacy View podcast, Scott talks with Zamil Solanki, award winning pharmacist, serial entrepreneur and industry leading business strategist. Zamil has extensive experience helping health entrepreneurs, pharmacy owners and corporate organizations succeed using tailor-made solutions and real-world implementation strategies.

Zamil shares from his wealth of knowledge about technology in the pharmacy space and dives into his passion for improving patient and provider experience. At the heart of it all is customer service and the pharmacist patient relationship, and technology can be utilized in a way that enhances that and enables things we never thought possible. 

Another key component of Zamil’s work is collaboration. The pair talk about the progress that’s been made through Innovative Pharmacy Group and Pharmacy Owner’s Congress, a collective group of like-minded Pharmacists, coming together to express their ideas and learn from one-another and talk about shared wisdom, experiences and ways to improve the industry as a whole. On the topic of technology, Scott looks into Zamil’s work with Strong Room AI and they discuss the ways AI impacts the industry and how facial recognition is helping to create a more efficient and secure pharmacy experience.

Zamil and Scott wrap up by discussing his work in the fitness industry.  They look ahead to the future and what he expects to change and advance with in the ever-changing, unpredictable world we live in.

Topics Covered:

  • Background about Zamil’s extensive career and what he’s passionate about.
  • A look into Zamil’s journey in technology in the pharmacy space.
  • Innovative Pharmacy Group and exciting developments from Pharmacy Owner’s Congress.
  • Strong Room AI – helping to reduce adverse drug events through artificially intelligent decision making.
  • Future of data and revolution in the fitness industry.

Key Quotes:

  • “I’ve always had a passion for finding better ways and using technology to enable us to improve efficiencies in our workflows and all the processes that we do in our business to create better patient experiences and better experiences for our teams as well.” (3:07)
  • “A lot of the times what we believe is good service the customers don’t actually agree with that.” (7:15)
  • “As pharmacists we take this mindset of always trying to find a better way to educate the patient or to provide them with a better solution. But we don’t necessarily look at that from our business perspective and at the end of the day we don’t take the time to plan, to review or to strategize on our business to explore those better ways.” (8:14)
  • “Using technology is a great enabler but it’s not the answer.” (8:36)
  • “The energetic connection that you create with someone – you can’t do that through a screen… We move in packs we don’t move through screens” (12:45)
  • “Not addressing today’s problems but tomorrow’s opportunities, that’s the best thing I love about any platform that I work with.” (16:24)
  • “It’s all about health and well-being. You need the right person, the right treatment and not having that tarnished in anyway is pretty paramount.” (20:20)
  •  “What is the one most useful driver for corporate companies? To get data.” (21:19)

Social Media Clips:

  • Get to know Zamil Solanki (1:46-2:25)
  • Better patient/customer experience (7:45-7:58)
  • Looking for tomorrow’s opportunities (16:24-16:47)
  • What’s trending: Facial Recognition (17:50-18:13)
  • Fitness Industry Trends, the move towards on-demand training (23:00-23:45)

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Episode 30