Facial Recognition Technology in Pharmacy

Episode 31

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On this episode of Pharmacy View, Scott sits down with two guests, Mark Feldschuh and Max Mito, to discuss the function and application of Strong Room AI. Mark, a seasoned pharmacist in Melbourne, provides insight in the effectiveness of Strong Room AI in a pharmacy setting, and how this improves the customer experience. Max, the co-owner and CEO of Strong Room AI, sheds light on the functions of the system. His passion and expertise have enabled this digital service to already be successful – over 900 pharmacies are anticipated to be using this platform by the end of 2021.

At the crux of Strong Room AI is to consolidate information to maximise efficiency. The main goal of this system is to employ more automation to allow a quicker and easier interaction between the patient and provider. Max highlights a few key features of Strong Room AI – one of these is the system’s ability for facial recognition.

The trio further discuss how widening the scope in how this system can be employed will not only be advantageous in pharmacies but other medical-related milieus, including age care facilities and hospitals.

Topics Covered

  • Background of Mark’s extensive career in pharmacy and Max’s passion to found Strong Room AI
  • The application of Strong Room AI for a pharmacist and how this system plays a role for remote pharmacists.
  • How Strong Room AI is a tool for organization
  • Implications for how the development of how these types of systems could be added in other areas in the future.

Key Quotes

  • “I really like the ideas of systems in the pharmacy.” (0:51)
  • “One of the modules we were really looking at was how controlled drugs and drug management was being done and we felt like there was a lot of room for improvement.” (7:17)
  • “It’s an end-to-end process… it looks after the patient from the patient identification all the way to the claiming aspect of it depending on the module you are using.” (8:46)
  • “For patients, the key driver for them to be on the system is that they have a reduced wait time within the pharmacy… the convenience factor plays a major impact.” (13:42)
  • “The pharmacist’s role in medication management is basically to help make sure the right patient gets the right medicine at the right time.” (25:26)
  • “The aim is two things: consolidation and automation, and that’s what we hope to achieve.” (30:42)
  • “What people are doing when they switch over to our platform is they are buying into the vision of the future.” (31:11)
  • “The company’s ultimate vision is to eliminate adverse drug events.” (32:04)

Social Media Clips

  • Background of Mark Feldschuh (0:30-0:54)
  • Background of Max Mito (5:22-6:15)
  • Purpose of Strong Room AI (8:46-9:24)
  • Pharmacist’s role in Medication (25:26-26:00)

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Episode 31